PrioInfo owns and develops URKUND. URKUND is a plagiarism prevention service which is established at universities and in schools all over the world with an emphasis on the Nordic countries and France.

URKUND is performing plagiarism checks on documents in route from the pupils/students and their educators and is both effective and very easy to use. Because of these factors the usage levels of the system are very high at all of the universities with a license for URKUND today. The high usage level in turn helps reinforce the preventive effect of the system while expanding the ever growing repository of submitted documents. Enthusiastic clients make for good partners in developing the system further in the direction of their needs.

We see URKUND as an important aid to reduce plagiarism in the academic field, but there must also be focus on other aspects of the problem. Resources must be spent informing students of the problem and teaching them proper writing techniques and ethics paired with an active discussion between educators on how to best prevent plagiarism. URKUND has many years of experience in the field and we hope that by increasing our efforts we will be able to offer even better pedagogical support as well as an even more efficient system for plagiarism prevention.

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